40gurus are experts in pest control

Hey! That’s it, stop searching any further. Your search for the best pest controller ends here at 40guru. Did you know that the process of management of pests and termites can also be Eco-friendly? 40guru is one such company in Perth that is controlling pests and termites in kids, pets and plants friendly way.

License And Accreditation
You need not worry about the company being a fraud because we are fully accredited and licensed. 40guru is insured and bonded and registered to be utilized in hospitals, public places, and schools, the chemicals satisfy all the norms for being used around children or pets. 40guru has been maintaining the standards of the chemicals used since the very first day. The services rendered and the management programs, all duly comply with the safety level of the Australian ISO and the Food Industry (HACCP). We don’t just claim to be using the latest technology, but we do in actuality and are sensitive towards the environment as well.

Need Us In Homes Or Offices? We Are Always Available
The company specializes in residential and commercial pest control not just in the whole of Perth, but all over Sydney. Not only will the company’s technicians help you get rid of the pests bugging you, but also do it in an eco-friendly way. Apart from home, they cover hotels/restaurants, schools, retail outlets, offices, and warehouses. We make sure nobody gets harmed during the process, be it you, your kids, your pets or your plants. This is because the chemicals used by us are one hundred percent safe.

We Help You Get Us Booked
Getting to the company and availing our services is quite easy. Call or book the services online, and let us take care of everything else. The company believes in punctuality and stands successfully in delivering its services on the same day that they were booked.

The Process
• Technicians at 40guru are dedicated and friendly professionals.
• Services are safe and are not harmful.
• Although not necessary, you can leave the house while the professionals are working.
• Ventilate the room for three or more hours, after the process.
• It is not required for you to empty the cupboards and other storage places.
• The company’s technicians use gels and not liquid sprays in these areas.
• It takes just an hour in all for the technicians to get rid of the pests.
• 40guru covers all the areas of your premises during the process.
• All the nooks and crannies of the house are re-verified before we leave.
• Viola! Enjoy a pest-free home

Guarantee Offered
Besides relieving your house from the bugging pests, 40guru provides a guarantee on its services. Our policies cover a wide variety of bugs that include ants, cockroaches, spiders, rats, birds, termites, ticks, mosquitoes, moths, wasps, flies and a lot many more.

We Are Socially Active
The company is well aware of its duties towards the environment and the mother earth. Besides being an eco-friendly pest management company, 40guru is a proud sponsor of Kids With Cancer Foundation, which helps in the treatment and caters to all the other needs of children ridden with cancer. We play our part in saving those children and help them lead a happy life.

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