Bed Bugs problem?

Bed  Bugs Pest control are here to help you. In Perth Australia it is a growing problem.
We will assist you with our best efforts and dedication against the Bed bugs.
Our business is specializing in the treatment of Bed Bugs for many years. All Bed Bug pest control staff fully trained and licensed.

We have handled hundreds of cases, Bed Bugs Pest control have an impeccable reputation and can provide professional expert and wise advice on bed bug removal in Perth. We don’t just handle your short bed bug issues; we help you through the bed bug eradication process from start to finish.
Our clients include thousands of satisfied residential customers entire the state. If you feel you have a bed bug problem, then we are here to help you contact us.

Bedbugs are a small, wingless insect that are light brown in colour and are half a centimeter in length. Bed bugs have six legs with a flat oval fashioned body.

These insects are flat, this makes it easier for them to hide in fine cracks & holes. Once a bedbug has had a blood feed, then they will change colour from brown to rust-red.
Bedbugs are a night loving insect. They will rest in the day and then become active in the night.
Bedbugs like warm dark environment and will shelter within a category of spots around your home or business place.
Popular hiding places for a bedbug is in mattresses especially along the closures, within bedding, under wallpaper that has loosened and within the holes of wood floors.
Any household is easily able to become plagued with bedbugs. By maintaining a high type of hygiene, you will be able to reduce them by spreading everywhere your whole home.
Just give our expert team a call to arrange a thorough inspection to be conducted out on you home.

Our 7 Commitments to YOU:
We promise always to arrive on time
We promise only to use environmentally friendly chemicals around your home
We promise only to use substances approved by APVMA around your home and business places
We guarantee to leave your home in an equal or absolute state than we found it
We promise to use fully equipped and insured expert for the job you are contracting us to do
We guarantee to provide you with a detailed product service sheet, outlining what we have done and what you expect in the future
We assure to provide an honest quote for the work being carried out

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