How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

The fee of hiring a pest control service depends on a range of of things, a number of which include:


  • The size of the property in which you stay
  • The extent of the pest trouble
  • The kind of work that needs to be executed


While it might be possible to spend as little as $100 for a quick one-off treatment from a nearby pest control expert, fees are generally higher for a good, long-lasting service.


A few costs you might encounter:

$130 for a 3 bed room house (one-off treatment inner and outside spray handiest)

$170 for a four bed room residence (one-off remedy inner and outside spray simplest)

$150 – $275 for indoor flea and tick treatment

$250 – $300 for general indoor/outdoor pest remedy

$250 – $300 for rodent removal

$350 – $450 for a thorough outside remedy, which includes termite safety and fashionable pest safety (cockroaches, spiders)

$450 – $700 for a full indoor and outdoor remedy


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