Pest Control Myths Uncovered

Pest Control Myths Uncovered


There are many common myths about pests in the home. These are just a few of many that exist. For example, some believe a good way to dispose of ants is to pour boiling water on them. The water will kill the ants it comes in contact with, but even if you pour boiling water down an ant hill, it’s going to only kill the ants on the floor. The water will cool before it reaches the nest.


Home solutions do not continually work and from time to time they have the potential to backfire on you. Did you buy poison to kill rodents, questioning they could move outdoor to die? Do you think spraying more insecticide could make it more powerful?


The most effective way to do away with pests is to touch a pest control professional who is aware of the myths and the truths approximately commonplace pests.

Pest controllers are licensed and have methods to cast off them away completely. However they may have to visit your property more than once to eliminate some hardy pests.


  1. A Termite Fantasy

A commonplace delusion with termites is that if you have a concrete foundation, you might not have a termite trouble. This is a long way from the truth because termites are trying to seek out wooden anywhere they discover it. They’re small and may locate cracks even in concrete or brick and might be capable of eating timber even if it isn’t uncovered.


  1. Clean Homes Do Not Appeal To Pests

Another commonplace fable is that cockroaches and bedbugs live in filthy houses. They may infest a house if they can discover a meal source. Bed insects want a source of moisture or a small quantity of blood and can’t be eliminated by means of DIY home treatments. A pest control professional should be called sooner rather than later.


Cockroaches only need a meal source, which can be food located in a trash can or even small scraps of food. They also can remain hidden, in the event that they don’t have to come out to find meals. They often select darkish locations and stay out of sight as long as possible.


Rodents may additionally locate meals sources outside, however they need a warm, dry location to stay. What will be a nicer home to a mouse or rat than your ceiling cavity? Which is warm and dry- they are now not as clean to eradicate as you could consider, and are prolific breeders.


  1. Insecticide Myths

Another myth is that pesticides ought to be applied after the sun goes down. Bugs are around all day and you could use pesticides to control them, however, doing it DIY may not get rid of many bugs. A whole nest of ants may not come into the home, but they come in small numbers. If you kill just the ants you notice, others will appear if the issue isn’t taken care of professionally.


Another pesticide myth is that the more you spray, the higher the impact. This can be a really bad idea as insects can develop a resistance to pesticides. The correct insecticide needs to be used for each particular pest, and be applied correctly to maximise effect. Insecticides can be risky if used irresponsibly and can be harmful to pets and children if they’re exposed to them.


  1. Ultrasonic Repellents

Really, there may be little evidence that ultrasonic pest repellents work.  Ultrasonic repellents work on the concept that noises out of the hearing range of humans will drive pests away. Advertising and marketing sells those merchandise, but there’s no actual proof that they work.


The same holds true for bug zappers. Mosquitoes are drawn to blood sources and are excellent at finding them. They’re no longer attracted to blue lighting and even though the occasional mosquito or flying bug may fly into a bug zapper, mosquitoes are looking for blood, not a bright light.


  1. Rodents Are Filthy Animals + Love Cheese

Rodents are a nuisance and you don’t need them in your home, however they’re no longer filthy animals. They truely groom themselves constantly. Rats and mice actually have separate regions they use as “toilets” and keep their housing areas neat and tidy.


Rodents are not interested in cheese! that is a fantasy created by cartoons and movies. Rodents like sweet things, meat, peanut butter and fatty meals. They may eat cheese, however they do not opt for cheese.


  1. Only Call Pest Controllers When The Pest Is Visible

By the time the pests are visible, it is past the time to start dealing with the problem. There are high-quality services and inspections to make sure pests don’t take over your own home. Bare in mind you don’t have to see the pest to not have it around. It is recommended you have your property annually inspected for termites as they can do a great deal of harm in a short amount of time.


  1. Mosquitoes Come Out Only At Dawn And Nightfall

Even though we observe mosquitoes most at sunrise, nightfall and after dark, they don’t stick to a schedule.
Mosquitoes can come out at any time and a few mosquitoes are active for the duration of the day. These would be more dangerous than the mosquito bites you get at night time. The Zika virus and other viruses often unfold with the aid of a mosquito that bites in the course of the day.


  1. When Rodents Eat Poison, They Go Outside To Die

This is a conventional fable, however it’s now not genuine. It commonly takes four to ten days for a poison to work. Whilst a rodent eats poison, it’ll house itself in a space where it feels safe and that may be to your ceiling cavity. It’ll die a gradual death and probable won’t scurry round, but you may know later when it begins to odor.


  1. Have A Cat To Keep Rodents Away

In case you don’t feed your cat, it will clearly search for food sources and rodents are a common source of food for wild cats. There are troubles with this concept. We usually feed cats, so they’re not as demanding to chase after and kill rodents. They will toy with them but in all likelihood won’t kill them. The opposite hassle is that rodents disguise in locations where cats can not get to them.


  1. Pest Activity Disappears After Remedy

One remedy might not be enough to get rid of pests. Pests in widespread areas breed and you may have a couple of source of pests. You may need more than one remedy to take away a problem with many types of bugs.

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